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Leading Yoga Mats manufacturers in India

Established in the year 2020 at Vapi, Gujarat; Arcturus Foam Industries is a Leading OEM Yoga Mat manufacturing company. We are one of the leading Yoga Mats manufacturers in India. We are a lean organization with the ideal purpose of manufacturing world-class quality Eva foam products such as yoga mat, exercise mat, yoga mat for kids, interlock floor mat, judo mat, swim float mat, in bulk quantities with customized designs and patterns.

We have world-class machinery to manufacture Eva foam in the 1,00,000 sq. ft. of plant area which is complemented by imported and Indian machines.

Arcturus Foam Industries is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturing company for all kinds of EVA foam Products like yoga mat, exercise mat, yoga mat for kids, interlock floor mat, judo mat, play mats, kids foam toys, etc. We believe in building brands for our customers by offering them customization in products. We also take care of the product quality throughout the production process and the entire supply chain so our customers can purely focus on the marketing of their brand. Currently we are Trusted Partners to the best-selling sporting good brands in India.

Understanding the importance of product quality.

Why Arcturus Foam Industries?

At Arcturus Foam Industries, we understand the importance of product quality considering which we follow a strictly managed process for our manufacturing operations. Our approach to quality is based on absolute consistency and quality assurance.

We also understand that product quality is an outcome of process quality and as a result we spend our time and resources on continuous improvement of the manufacturing process and to make sure that the end customer receives a product that upholds the brand image of our customer.


AFI believes in the “KAIZEN” approach; which means constant improvement with a lot of hard effort and teamwork. With this approach we now have several certifications such as

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015


Arcturus Foam Industries has developed a simple organizational structure that is Faster and Quality Oriented. Every associate and co-worker who handles the processes and procedures for manufacturing the best products for Arcturus Foam Industries is titled “Process Engineers”. The organizational structure is assembled as:


Mentors at Arcturus Foam Industries are well-experienced professionals who have immense knowledge of the industry, manufacturing, production, and designing of our products.


Leaders at Arcturus Foam Industries are the young and experienced engineers who are trained under the Mentors and are responsible for achieving a 100% Production Flow for the products of Arcturus Foam Industries.


The LIMAs at Arcturus Foam Industries are the young engineers who learn and get trained by the Leaders. They are responsible for the success of the manufacturing floor on every shift.

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