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18 Principles

Arcturus Foam Industries has maintained its potential to manage a healthy corporate culture. At Arcturus Foam Industries, we aim to be innovative, collaborative, flexible, and dedicated to the company's goals and responsibilities.

The 18 Principles collectively encourage every individual at Arcturus Foam Industries to become a better version of themselves as well as motivate them to deliver a better-quality product to the clients every time. These principles are stated below:

The power of Arcturus: “I Can, I Will!”

The first principle of Arcturus Foam Industries states that our power is "I Can, I Will," and we feel it is equally important to keep our team self-motivated. We ensure that our team remains self-motivated and committed to their goals. Furthermore, this notion has become part of our everyday organizational culture, with everyone greeting each other with "I Can, I Will!"

We are driven by: “System & Process”

At Arcturus Foam Industries, the System and Process are two of the four pillars that lead to the organization's main foundation. Our powerful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system displays transparency at every level of the planning process. Each department acts as a buyer and seller to another with a clear definition of self-responsibility at every level.

We always think: “LEAN”

Lean Thinking has evolved as a new business strategy that assists in making decisions that benefit not just the organization but also society.

Our Lean Thinking has guided each employee at ARCTURUS FOAM INDUSTRIES down the road of continuous improvement.

  • - The organization's hierarchy structure is simple, quicker, and quality-oriented.
  • - To the benefit of society, we use the Lean Manufacturing production approach to maximize productivity while decreasing waste output.

Shyam Sir always says: “Beat your BEST”

We are grateful to our Guru, Mr. Shyam Taneja, whose unwavering support and belief in us led to the establishment of Arcturus Foam Industries. The principle "Beat Your BEST" has left a legacy of self-motivation within us and shown us the way to success.

The most important person of Arcturus: is the “CUSTOMER”

"The customer is KING," and so the most important element for us at Arcturus Foam Industries is our Customers. Our success at Arcturus Foam Industries is defined by our commitment to providing better product quality, excellent service, and happiness to our customers each time.

We always look forward to improving: “Safety, Quality, Simplicity, & Speed”

We at Arcturus Foam Industries are constantly working to improve all four areas of "Safety, Quality, Simplicity, and Speed," which allows us to become the most chosen brand when it comes to purchasing Sporting Goods.

When we walk away from something we? Make it more exclusive than we found it.

The phrase "Leave it better than we found it" simply indicates that when we find something, we leave it better than we found it, which not only contributes to better growth but also benefits the formation of a positive mindset. Similarly, we at Arcturus Foam Industries believe that every time we repeat a task, we always execute it better than before.

Our job title is: “Process Engineer”

In layman's words, a "Process Engineer" is responsible for processing raw materials into finished goods on an industrial scale.

The principle states that everyone at ARCTURUS FOAM INDUSTRIES has the job title "Procedure Engineer '' because we believe in "LEAN '' and that all employees executing their responsibilities follow a predefined process and add a label of completion.

Everything of value comes after: “Much hard work!”

At Arcturus Foam Industries, we believe that hard work not only helps us achieve our goals, but it also teaches us discipline, dedication, and persistence. Success does not happen overnight; it takes many sleepless nights, errors, and difficulties to get to your desired outcome.

Our goal each day is to make a: “2-second improvement”

Every Process Engineer at Arcturus Foam Industries strives to make a "2 Second Improvement" every day, which not only boosts their self-confidence but also brings in new ideas and progress in the organization.

Enjoy your day to the fullest by: “Doing the hardest thing first!”

Our 11th Principle reflects universal human nature. We at Arcturus Foam Industries think that when a Process Engineer completes their most difficult assignment first, it not only reduces their burden but also boosts their willpower and puts them in a good frame of mind, increasing their productivity.

To understand the real issue: “We must ask WHY?”

A systematic approach to problem-solving begins with the question WHY? We at Arcturus Foam Industries believe that before we can solve any problem, we must first identify the root cause, which assists in the analysis of the problem-solving process.

When discussing a problem, we need to: “Go & See”

We at Arcturus Foam Industries feel that it is always preferable to personally go and see the actual problem/issue to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and to avoid falling prey to misleading information. When a person engages in the process of problem-solving, they have a greater knowledge of the true issue, which helps them come up with better solutions to tackle the issue.

Real learning comes when you ask: “Questions”

At Arcturus Foam Industries, we think that asking questions is the best way to address any problem. A question not only aids in a better comprehension of the problem but also helps in the discovery of new problems and gives unique solutions to the problem.

Two sides to hold each other accountable: “Both giving and receiving person should be Humble”

Accountability is all about delegating responsibility to team members by clearly stating the organization's mission, goals, and values. Every coin has two sides, and we at Arcturus Foam Industries feel that when both the supplier and the receiver are sincere, it is simpler for them to keep each other accountable. This promotes the organization's and team members' sense of unity and trust.

Your success at Arcturus will be determined by the fact that you are: “Never Satisfied”

At Arcturus Foam Industries, an individual's success is decided by the fact that they are "Never Satisfied" and commit to constantly improving themselves in terms of self-development while simultaneously offering quality products/services to our valuable customers.

There are two kinds of people in the world: “Givers & takers”

The 17th Arcturus Foam Industries Principle sets a clear link between our business and the clients. Here, we operate as the "Givers," where we believe in offering our quality products/services to our clients. The "Takers," who are always on the search for quality products/services, better practical solutions with the items, and so on; perhaps it is a never-ending process!

Toyota improves with the target: “Cut the waste in Half”

We at Arcturus Foam Industries are strongly influenced by the TPS (Toyota Production System), which focuses on increasing production efficiency while cutting waste in half. TPS is Toyota's original production philosophy that attempts to reduce waste and achieve maximum efficiency, sometimes known as a "lean" or "just-in-time" system.

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